Know-how in waste management

SRE means technical, economic and environmental consulting expertise in the fields of waste and recycling. We provide our know- how to our customers as insiders of the business with many years of practical experience as we know the certain details of various types of waste preparation plants like MRF plants or RDF production plant. Hence SRE looks at preparation plants from the perspective of the plant management with full awareness of arising technical and financial issues and finds reliable solutions.

For you as our customer in the waste management industry, we develop balanced and timely solutions to improve and support your economical, legal and sustainable daily business.

Technical Consulting

Technical concepts and their implementation require detailed knowledge of the respective aggregates, their properties and the possible "pitfalls" of the system. Sorting plants and other waste processing plants, which produce reasonable products from mixed household...


Without permission-compliant plant operation, a company cannot survive in the long term. However, even classifying a plant in terms of environmental law and clarifying which requirements are associated with the operator requires specialist knowledge that is not sufficiently available in many companies.

Your Contact

Thomas Staudt is founder and creative head of SRE GmbH with nearly 25 years of experience and an excellent network in the waste management business. Today, he advises operators of waste preparation plants with a trained eye for what is necessary, feasible and economically reasonable.