Technical concepts and their implementation require detailed knowledge of the respective aggregates, their properties and the possible „pitfalls“ of the system. Sorting plants and other waste processing plants, which produce reasonable products from mixed household or commercial waste that have to meet the legal requirements and earn money at the same time, are complex structures. They require a high degree of knowledge of the individual processes and technical details.

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Due to a lack of experience in the design and construction of a plant, plant owners and operators often have to rely on the fact that the commissioned plant manufacturer is able to fulfil the specifications. At this point, we consider it absolutely necessary to provide the customer with someone who is „at eye level“ with the plant manufacturer, who knows the problems and, together with the plant constructor, develops a viable concept for achieving the required goal.

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We offer support for all technical tasks. Take advantage of our many years of experience in waste technology, our personal contacts with manufacturers and our knowledge of the requirements for efficient plant operation. Let us support you in realising your technical waste and recycling projects.